Monday, October 11, 2010

Material control manager, the day has come easy to you?

Xiao Li has recently been busy as usual, not to warehouse inventory of materials, and as a material control manager, but his time cup of tea, sitting in front of the computer thin to tea. Is there anything, just click of a mouse, all materials data are clearly displayed in front of him, equipment is simple, easily operated, the process of short, so that Xiao Li happy for them. Why does Alan do not have to check stock? Why do so easily on a clear material data?

Xiao Li smiled: "This is thanks to day thinking 'PMC material control' to help the big favor."

Xiao Li is generated larger car audio manufacturers, factories in Jiangmen has 10 years of history, many different specifications of their products, as many as more than 7000 kinds of optical materials. Before January, the company did not use day thinking "PMC material control" when the management software. When receiving orders, Mike was busy with several storage administrator must go to inventory warehouse, they checked consecutive days, every day from morning to night found they all look up back pains, head faint bulge, and check out the result was the unpleasantness, often leads to buy more material and produce inventory backlog, then Alan would wait until the boss scolded. The opposite is also frequent, less procurement of materials or materials bought does not match the production needs, but do not really need to purchase back, to stop work or wait for the material phenomena, then Alan would be subject to the production sector The blame was.

Suffering from the days of air splint to Xiao Li miserable and also led to his dilemma is that many orders need to deal with; frequent order changes are not add single by single, that withdrawals, this time you want to do reasonable supporting materials even harder to balance the relationship between inventory occupation and lack of material is simply wishful thinking.

Since the day with the thought "PMC material control" software, all data are clear in front of Xiao Li, Xiao Li, one can clearly see that each collection of materials, hair, Inventory, Purchasing never go wrong; Stock occupation and the suspension was to be expected to happen less and less; planned production can be accurately made; scolded days from Xiao Li over.

Xiao Li continued to indulge in their memories: the original friends of President Chen thanks to Wang's introduction ah, so that Wang does not need to spend money to buy hundreds of thousands of ERP, does not need to spend months working overtime to implement the line, do not spend a lot of money for our training. While only 2-3 million to let Wang has this "PMC material control" software, 1-2 weeks of the time it is used up, simple operation method to my colleagues and I could easily grasp. This Wang save a lot of money. No wonder the king the sum of the relationship between President Chen has more iron.

President Chen also said Wang "PMC material control" can be characterized by a smooth upgrade his company's recent, it will be "PMC practical material control management" software upgrade to the professional manager of days thinking ERP, to enable management to upgrade to a higher level, he said that this would not change management, not to re-purchase, the implementation of other management software and re-adapt, as long as "PMC material control" upgrade can be completed entirely free from the worries. Wang will also appear after the upgrade step by step, slowly.

Think of it, Mike porting the pleasant drink a mouthful of tea.

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