Thursday, October 14, 2010

PPStream Channel order to see my favorite trick

I believe a lot of friends in the process of using ppstream, will your favorite shows directly to the favorites saved for future quick to open, to avoid re-conducted in the range of channels to find trouble. However, the author found in the constant, daily use of a collection of programs more, the entire Favorites list seems a bit confusing, all programs can not distinguish ownership of channels, but currently there is no direct PPStream favorites management, brought to management sort of a small problem. After some fumbling, I finally found a temporary solution, and that is favorite in the collection corresponding to the file information channels, such as program name, description and so on. Here the author on how to introduce this method to achieve management objectives.

1, open PPStream Channel favorites in the system directory where both the "C: Documents and Settings user account name) Application DatappStreamFavor", where you can see a lot. Psf format of the file name, its file name is under the program specific broadcast address corresponding to come. Such as "Shanghai Sports" broadcast address is: "ppstream: / / hwatstncne6ycokoapmt3ge5rab5tw4ze6dahwj3x464ia6zzjr6syqd3hoqdtuzapm5uo5peeb5turgamaqhwoseybqga6zizlgmyqd3e.pps/Q7WJXHQFJOXPQEIREFNOY3KWS6MLB4GK", then the "Favor" folder in the corresponding. Psf format file name is "Q7WJXHQFJOXPQEIREFNOY3KWS6MLB4GK". Know. Psf format file naming rules, we can find has been added to the Favorites folder in the file corresponding to the various programs.

Tips: broadcast address view mode: we can right-click the program name, and then click Properties, in the dialog box is displayed after the Web site, we can see by the specific broadcast address.

2, corresponding to the direct double-click a program. Psf file and then display the dialog box, select "select program" will be displayed after the "Open With" dialog box, in which select "Notepad" or "writing board, "we can open the file after confirmation. Now we can on some of these parameters changed. Which may modify the parameters of the field and the meaning of the following (as shown by identity between the red line):

encode: The default is 1, be changed to 0

comment: About the program

name: program name, you can name the current management needs to change according to their own name, such as the author of "Shanghai sports" to "sports _ Shanghai Sports"

pub: program provider

puburl: Official website address program provider

After completion of these parameters changes, you can directly save. Restart PPStream, you can see the change in the favorites after the results. When the contents of the favorites after more, in order to facilitate management, to quickly find the program, we can channel favorites renamed according to type 11, for us to quickly check through the channel search function to the desired content. In addition, PPStream, many programs do not provide notice of hidden channels, using the modified parameters of the way we can definitely achieve program notice, as long as the pub and puburl these two parameters were replaced by program notice and notice address of the link program.

3, In addition, as channel favorites does not support bulk delete function, if you want to empty the contents of which can only own one by one manually delete unwanted channels, very inconvenient. Now you can directly enter the directory to. Psf file deletion, the equivalent of the implementation of the Clear Channel operation favorites.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Material control manager, the day has come easy to you?

Xiao Li has recently been busy as usual, not to warehouse inventory of materials, and as a material control manager, but his time cup of tea, sitting in front of the computer thin to tea. Is there anything, just click of a mouse, all materials data are clearly displayed in front of him, equipment is simple, easily operated, the process of short, so that Xiao Li happy for them. Why does Alan do not have to check stock? Why do so easily on a clear material data?

Xiao Li smiled: "This is thanks to day thinking 'PMC material control' to help the big favor."

Xiao Li is generated larger car audio manufacturers, factories in Jiangmen has 10 years of history, many different specifications of their products, as many as more than 7000 kinds of optical materials. Before January, the company did not use day thinking "PMC material control" when the management software. When receiving orders, Mike was busy with several storage administrator must go to inventory warehouse, they checked consecutive days, every day from morning to night found they all look up back pains, head faint bulge, and check out the result was the unpleasantness, often leads to buy more material and produce inventory backlog, then Alan would wait until the boss scolded. The opposite is also frequent, less procurement of materials or materials bought does not match the production needs, but do not really need to purchase back, to stop work or wait for the material phenomena, then Alan would be subject to the production sector The blame was.

Suffering from the days of air splint to Xiao Li miserable and also led to his dilemma is that many orders need to deal with; frequent order changes are not add single by single, that withdrawals, this time you want to do reasonable supporting materials even harder to balance the relationship between inventory occupation and lack of material is simply wishful thinking.

Since the day with the thought "PMC material control" software, all data are clear in front of Xiao Li, Xiao Li, one can clearly see that each collection of materials, hair, Inventory, Purchasing never go wrong; Stock occupation and the suspension was to be expected to happen less and less; planned production can be accurately made; scolded days from Xiao Li over.

Xiao Li continued to indulge in their memories: the original friends of President Chen thanks to Wang's introduction ah, so that Wang does not need to spend money to buy hundreds of thousands of ERP, does not need to spend months working overtime to implement the line, do not spend a lot of money for our training. While only 2-3 million to let Wang has this "PMC material control" software, 1-2 weeks of the time it is used up, simple operation method to my colleagues and I could easily grasp. This Wang save a lot of money. No wonder the king the sum of the relationship between President Chen has more iron.

President Chen also said Wang "PMC material control" can be characterized by a smooth upgrade his company's recent, it will be "PMC practical material control management" software upgrade to the professional manager of days thinking ERP, to enable management to upgrade to a higher level, he said that this would not change management, not to re-purchase, the implementation of other management software and re-adapt, as long as "PMC material control" upgrade can be completed entirely free from the worries. Wang will also appear after the upgrade step by step, slowly.

Think of it, Mike porting the pleasant drink a mouthful of tea.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

AMD executives just compensation was 1.25 billion up wages Ma

AMD Friday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the documents, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer again restored (Dirk Meyer) and other executive compensation standards.

AMD said in the document, the restoration of the basic salary of the executives, including CEO Mel, Chief Operating and Administrative Officer Robert Lane Witte (Robert Rivet) and is responsible for legal affairs, Tom McCoy, executive vice president (Tom McCoy) . Earlier this year, AMD cut the basic salaries of these executives.

Restored, Mel basic wage from 720,000 U.S. dollars to 90 million, Rivette from 552,500 U.S. dollars to 65 million, while McCoy from 462,400 to 544,000 U.S. dollars.

AMD said that the basic salary as annual bonus and certain proportions, the restoration of basic salary will increase spending in fiscal 2009 bonus. Before this, AMD has just won Intel 1.25 billion antitrust settlement compensation.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

In SDH / SONET 155M on carrying IP packet solution

I. Introduction

With the recent development of Internet, IP networks will become an important future application platform for communications networks. Major communications operators to transmit voice business has been laid by SDH / SONET technology, the huge network of fiber-optic communications infrastructure. Communication network to reunification - IP network evolution process, the protection of existing investments became the first major communications carriers to consider. Service providers need some affordable solutions, by their existing in the SDH / SONET network transmission of Ethernet services. CCOM introduced based on the EOS (Ethernet over SDH / SONET) technology products, it will be the existing communication network in the two technologies: the Ethernet and SDH / SONET technology are organically combined, thereby protecting the general users and investment in telecommunications operators, it is convenient to the existing network can open new IP services.

Second, NIF-EOS technical background

EOS equipment is a basic stand-alone channel service unit / digital service unit (Channel Service Unit / Digital Service Unit, CSU / DSU). It receives the Ethernet frame, using EOS protocol to compress these frames will be mapped to the SONET on them, after processing, send a complete SONET frame. The receiving side, it performs the opposite operation, extracting the Ethernet from the SONET frame, and then send out.

EOS SONET equipment can be completed in the time slot insertion / removal (ADM), in their existing TDM channels, to provide Ethernet slip. This is easy to telecom companies in the existing TDM platform for their customers Ethernet interface.

Ethernet: Ethernet is by the Xerox Corporation's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in the 70's developed a kind of LAN technology, is now the most popular local area network standard.

100Base-TX: 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet is a standard, using standard CAT5 or higher twisted pair cable, the speed reached 100Mbps.

SDH / SONET: SONET / SDH is a transmission in fiber-optic information transmission system technology. It defines the data operations of the optical signal multiplexing and synchronous frame structure. SONET / SDH, there are two implementation: ANSI (American National Standards Institute) issued a SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) standard, ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union) to the European standard called SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy). SONET / SDH is mainly used for replacement of outdated, low-rate PDH (Plesyocronous Digital Hierarchy) technology, and SONET and SDH is compatible global standard. SONET signals are integer multiples of 51.84Mbps, and SDH signal is 3x51.84Mbps multiple of the two signals can be interoperable.

EOS agreement: LAPS

Ethernet over LAPS (Link Access Procedure-SDH) by the ITU-T X.86 standard definition, is similar to HDLC (High Data Link Control) is a connectionless protocol, will become SONET load. LAPS frame of the first two bytes are for compatibility with HDLC address and control constants (namely 0x04 and 0x03). SAPI (service access point identifier) will be pointed out that the load type, this time with 0xfe01 Ethernet MAC frame will be constant. Then followed by MAC frame, a 32 bit LAPS FCS (CRC) and an end mark. When the link closed set, it will send the space between the frame byte, they mark the end of the same.

All data will be through a X 43 +1 self-synchronous code converter, and then inserted into the SONET will load in order to avoid the harmful impact of the packet.

Align byte HDLC-type protocol has a feature that some bytes are lost, but from the sequence of bytes to replace. Therefore, when some of the Ethernet frame contains a number 0x7d and 0x7e bytes, the link efficiency will decline.

EOS agreement: GFP

GFP is the general frame program (Generic Framing Procedure), which is based on SDL (Simple Data Link), is still at the drafting stage.

GFP is a complete agreement, with three marking options, and two load the corresponding options. In addition to Ethernet outside, it also corresponds to PPP,

Fibre Channel and IBM-owned fiber-optic connection (FICON) and Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON).

GFP frames are 2-3 in the logo position, load and 32-bit FCS option. Each logo has a 16-bit CRC bit protection. The first is the core identity, which by the load length indicator (PLI) to indicate frame length. Next is the type of identification, including the type of compression load code. Extension of identity is as a selective heading, it can handle logical link, the service category, and source / destination address. In a simple point to point applications may be omitted this identification. Finally, the load data and a 32-bit FCS option (CRC). Addition to the core identity of all other fields, must be through X 43 +1 self-synchronous code converter to ensure that the impact will not be harmful packets.

If there is no data to send, will be sent home closed frame. Is a closed set the length of the frame identifies the core identity is set to 0. GFP has a good nature, it is not lost character. Link will depend on the output of the number of loads, rather than loading the value contained in bytes. This also means that recipients must complete a search process to identify the effective core identity, and after they find to be locked.

3, Products

NIF-EOS can be applied to Ethernet interconnection, by providing 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet interface to STM-1 optical interface conversion between the use of SDH / SONET network to connect two Fast Ethernet, use of existing TDM resources to achieve low-cost way to bridge IP networking.

NIF-EOS of the STM-1 optical interface to a rate of 155Mbps, use the interface for the SC single-mode optical fiber, wavelength 1310nm or 1550nm, the system gain greater than 12dB. It's Fast Ethernet interface complies 802.3u 100Base-TX standard, using RJ45 interface, and works in full duplex state. The device has 220VAC and-48VDC power supply means optional, also used the power redundancy to ensure that the user time when the overall stability of using the device.

NIF-EOS also offers a wealth of alarm functions. Not only can the device LED indicator light to show the link status, and full duplex mode send and receive state information, also provides the voice alarm function, so users can more easily perceive by hearing to equipment failure, thereby greatly enhancing the device security. In addition, the device also offers a D-type 9 pin female interface, can easily alarm information output device to device easier to carry out centralized management.

In addition, NIF-EOS is also very easy to use environment at a temperature of 0 鈩?~ 40 鈩? relative humidity 5% ~ 90% (no condensation) of the environment can work well.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

PC redemption

With the proliferation of connected devices and functions, the network will be complex and may not be used, but this may give the PC opportunity.

The rise of the Internet is not the result of idealism, but the utilitarian outcome.

Why should we think of the Internet it is no more than a few reasons: send and receive mail, browse news, chat, communication, games, entertainment.

The end of the traditional e-mail message, because it is free of charge; browse news is free, so we do not buy on the net overstated; chat communication is not only free, you can hide themselves, and even gender are hidden .

We are so keen on the Internet, the greatest power is to save money. Google in particular, the successful business model, even the desire to stimulate such a utilitarian may unprecedented.

The Internet is the Terminator PC

Google told Internet users: If you are satisfied that everything is free.

It advocates free software, especially Internet software features, such as desktop search, maps, photo management, Internet phone, Google to provide users with dozens of software, most of them are free. This free Linux and other open source and free software there are some small differences: Google's software easier to use and more easily accepted by users. This is a commercial company to provide the advantages of free software is unmatched by private forces.

This seemed "very Lei Feng" business model, actually was a great success.

In addition to this business model has brought unprecedented prosperity of the Internet, but also lead to a by-product: PC days of being squeezed very sad.

Individuals can share great strides to increase Internet bandwidth, and also expand people's imagination, some people feel that we can no longer spend money on software, and online a lot of software is free, and can replace existing paid product. What is more, there are beginning to offer online software services free of charge. Microsoft and some companies have such plans, is one of them.

If one day, what we need to functionality, as long as even the Internet can be buttoned, then the PC before we need to continue to follow Moore's Law to dance?

At that time, PC becomes a man and a simple interface between the Internet, the interface only in the display and I / O, do better on the line, do not need to install the software locally to provide higher computing capacity. Back to the Internet server to do such a good, PC will become the Piece of Computer, a "tablet" computer only.

This is not much worry about PC, it has become almost suffering from PC.

Look beyond the PC into the 21st century market, you may find: Moore's Law, while continuing to run, but has been unable to end-users the choice to play a decisive role. Users now have the attention of the processor frequency from PC to PC and transfer the number on the links on the Internet, more technology transfer to the genius of the intellectual as P2P, Internet applications such as data mining, rather than to improve processor frequency on. This is also one of the things Intel is quite depressing.

Things helpless, PC does favor the.

If the last century fairly PC-century, then this century is certainly the Internet century.

So, it was said, PC will be the end of the Internet. Really true?

PC forced revolution

If the PC concept is not revolutionary changes, PC will definitely be the end of the Internet.

However, the good news is, PC concept indeed revolutionary changes, and changes in the erosion of power precisely from the Internet.

As the Internet becomes ubiquitous, wireline, wireless, mobile internet will cover the three devices all around us, including the current PC, mobile phone, PDA, digital home appliances, and even automotive electronics, intelligent buildings, these devices are in some way To facilitate our lives, nearly all other equipment not be replaced, just like you can never put the same laptop as mobile phones.

Because so many devices also are connected to the Internet, equipment, information sharing and communication between the important and complex it becomes. For example, as a first-time user, you will be difficult to solve in just a few minutes between phone and laptop computer with Bluetooth communications.

In fact, the existence of the network, leading to the necessary link between the device and then as the necessary contacts, leading to complex results: very easy to use. This is completely contrary to the original purpose of the network: The network could have been more convenient to exist.

This time, PC to do the concept of an adjustment, PC will not be a Personal Computer (or PC), which became a Personal Computing (that is, personal computing), personal computing is not necessarily dependent on a PC, but often may depend on on a PC, a cell phone, a digital home appliances to work together, and even may include a network of elevators.

If you can connect these devices, like PC-accessories, as seamlessly connect into a "virtual PC machine," then things will become much simpler.

At this time, how to coordinate the work between these devices will become important and complex, depend only on the current network connection is not enough. If you can connect these devices, like PC-accessories, as seamlessly connect into a "virtual PC machine," then things will become much simpler.

This has nothing to do with the network connection, that is, PC motherboards and processors, machine parts is the connection between the physical hardware connection, the future that Taiwan's "Virtual PC machine" and "accessories" (PC, cell phones, digital household appliances, etc.) is the logical connection software. This connection, if you can connect as seamlessly as the realization of PC accessories, will greatly simplify our use of these devices. Then, whether we do anything, in the face of all would be "a device", rather than the current multiple machines.

How, then, without reliance on the premise of the network to achieve this seamlessly connect?

One solution is to develop a device can run on all the "universal operating system", Windows CE seems to have this potential, but the reality was far worse. This "universal system" although certainly effective, but will certainly face many standards-compliant and market competition, from a wide range of market trends, this program is not convincing.

Another solution is to develop a "machine Esperanto", both devices were used by the operating system, application software, between them, "said the language" is mutual understanding. Currently, there are already some ready-made "quasi" Esperanto machine, such as Java, etc.. But not enough, it can not be considered inclusive synthesizer.

Sure there will be a third and better programs, and, PC revolutionary machine pace, just before the software and the hardware ready.

Mass manufacturing to save PC

Let us say the large-scale manufacture of the electronics industry for the mass manufacturing, mass manufacturing absolutely follow the basic principle of quantitative change to qualitative change.

With the maturity of mass manufacturing, PC hardware costs will become very low, especially in the hard disk or other storage media costs will be greatly reduced. Research institutions figures show: 1 U.S. dollar can now buy 1GB hard disk storage space, 10 years later, you can buy the 1TB hard disk storage space.

The significant reduction in storage costs, and create a number of previously not imagine the possibilities: you can now segment their own lives every moment are electronically recorded, if Cunchuzhiliang Wei a DVD of the day, each person's lifetime record of the Space does not account for more than 73TB. Accordance with the above prediction is likely to achieve a single PC.

Now conversely, if all of your information is stored in a PC hard drive, you need anytime, anywhere access to a network server, the information you do.

If this PC has 1000TB hard disk space, it will be like a black hole, "recorded absorption" of all your contacts and related information, never need to delete any messages - it seems it is the slogan of Gmail. However, it may be more convenient than Gmail because you are in the local store.

As noted above, the reason why the Internet is now the end of a lot of PC functions, as the result of utilitarianism, that user in order to reduce the cost of which seeks profit mentality of success using the Internet. If this factor is the cost of mass manufacturing are becoming very small, users will continue to alienate PC? PC users will regain favor with it? Especially when the PC into a broad "virtual PC" when.

This is a suspense.

Nevertheless, PC will no longer be the original PC.

(Wang Jian, senior researcher for Microsoft Research Asia)

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Monday, July 26, 2010

C language library function (K class letters)

Function name: kbhit
Function: check the current key pressed
Usage: int kbhit (void);
Program example:
# Include

int main (void)
cprintf ("Press any key to continue:");
while (! kbhit ()) / bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware do nothing backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /;
cprintf ("rnA key was pressed ... rn");
return 0;

Function name: keep
Function: quit and continued presence
Usage: void keep (int status, int size);
Program example:

/ *** NOTE:
This is an interrupt service routine. You
can NOT compile this program with Test
Stack Overflow turned on and get an
executable file which will operate
correctly. Due to the nature of this
function the formula used to compute
the number of paragraphs may not
necessarily work in all cases. Use with
care! Terminate Stay Resident (TSR)
programs are complex and no other support
for them is provided. Refer to the
MS-DOS technical documentation
for more information. backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
# Include
/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware The clock tick interrupt backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
# Define INTR 0x1C
/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware Screen attribute (blue on grey) backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
# Define ATTR 0x7900

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware reduce heaplength and stacklength
to make a smaller program in memory backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
extern unsigned _heaplen = 1024;
extern unsigned _stklen = 512;

void interrupt (* oldhandler) (void);

void interrupt handler (void)
unsigned int (far * screen) [80];
static int count;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware For a color screen the video memory
is at B800: 0000. For a monochrome
system use B000: 000 backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
screen = MK_FP (0xB800, 0);

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware increase the counter and keep it
within 0 to 9 backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
count + +;
count% = 10;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware put the number on the screen backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
screen [0] [79] = count +''0''+ ATTR;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware call the old interrupt handler backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
oldhandler ();

int main (void)

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware get the address of the current clock
tick interrupt backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
oldhandler = getvect (INTR);

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware install the new interrupt handler backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
setvect (INTR, handler);

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware _psp is the starting address of the
program in memory. The top of the stack
is the end of the program. Using _SS and
_SP Together we can get the end of the
stack. You may want to allow a bit of
saftey space to insure that enough room
is being allocated ie:
(_SS + ((_SP + Safety space) / 16) - _psp)
backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /
keep (0, (_SS + (_SP/16) - _psp));
return 0;

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Enhance the "soft environment" out of the performance appraisal errors [3]

Results-oriented: performance-based assessment of training effectiveness

Training effect assessment is the last training session, but the complexity of staff, and training lag effect, you want an objective, scientifically very difficult to measure training effectiveness. Therefore, the training impact assessment training system is a part of the most difficult to achieve. Currently, the most widely used at home and abroad training assessment, is made in 1959 Kirkpatrick evaluation model of training, the training effect is divided into four progressive levels --- reaction, knowledge, behavior, effect. So far, it is still training managers often use the classic training evaluation model.

Performance-based assessment of training effectiveness focused on the last level is the key to training effectiveness evaluation. Performance evaluation method is primarily used to assess the trainees to improve behavior and performance improvement, performance evaluation method requires the establishment of systems and complete business performance evaluation system. In this system, there must be trainees before the training record of performance. At the end of three months or six months after the training, the trainees to conduct performance appraisal, the control before the record of performance, companies can clearly see that the training effect. Business with this assessment and can further optimize the training management system: not achieve performance targets will require employees to receive training, not training programs to achieve performance targets will be stopped.

Performance-based management system under elevated 鍩硅, training is not a extra in the input, enterprises need not take to training is whether it is worthwhile; training is not a benefit, 缁╂晥 For staff not meet Jiang consciously Jiaru training to be Zuzhi by Fangzhiziji abandoned; training is not academic and vocational qualifications of education, no longer a wedding gown when employees change jobs. When the training and performance improvement blend together closely, when training to become an important part of business performance improvement, we no longer worry about performance problems while, but firmly believe that business performance is through training overall.


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